Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween, Adoptees!

This year - the year of admitting that adoption has played a HUGE role in my life - a special tribute to Halloween...that day of the year I've always felt more comfortable. The day that I am not the good, compliant adopted daughter who's grateful to have been rescued from an uncertain future. The day that my wobbly sense of self gets suited up...a witch, a princess, a glam rocker...the day I feel most comfortable.

Any other adoptees who especially enjoy Halloween? The day we get to put on a mask or costume and "adopt" another persona...one not quite so difficult to understand and whose motivations are much more clear? The witch goes, "Hee hee hee" and the pirate rumbles, "Yar, matee." We swish and swagger and there's no confusion. We get to face the world with certainty and purpose. A costume that doubles as extra protection against the world which often seems to mystify us.

On this day, we do fit in. We're just one of the crowd, folks...and not a DAMN CHOSEN BABY.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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