Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madonna Adoption STILL Rankles

Still not convinced that Madonna's motivations to adopt are in the best interests of the child.

The tone of her explanation is still defensive and blaming the press is ridiculous. Surely she has a publicist or two? Surely someone on team Madonna might have predicted that the media would be interested in the spectacle of a 48-year old superstar traveling to poorest Africa to adopt an orphan. The problem wasn't the attention. It just wasn't the kind of attention she'd anticipated. Shame on her.

But most importantly, the language she chooses to use is still troubling. She continues to position herself as his rescuer...that she saved him from dying of pneumonia. All hard to argue with. The poor child might have died in that orphanage. But she could have "saved" him in a variety of other ways, including making it financially possible for father and son to reunite. She says she was told by the orphanage that his family had abandoned David, but certainly shrewd and savvy Madonna has heard rumblings about unscrupulous practices of orphanages. And wasn't she cautioned about the pitfalls of adopting in that particular country? What of her personal responsibility in this matter? And what prospective adoptive parent gets to CHOOSE a particular child as she did? She says fame and money did nothing to hurry the process, but it looks like she was able to SELECT a particular baby.

Madonna still seems intent on selling us her vision of third world adoption: parent as savior/rescuer. Get past that quick. In the best interest of the child.


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Interesting perspective on the Madonna adoption. I added a link to it in the Madonna Blog Widget (


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